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KM186FB Kipor Diesel Generator Service Manual (KM186FB Kipor Diesel Generator Service Manual)


NOTICE: This is a PDF file you open and print. You will not receive a manual in the mail. After you make payment and click the "submit order" button the next page will contain a link to the file. Open the file then print it. Your done!


This is a down loadable service manual file in PDF format.
You will need a PDF file reader to read this file. You can get one free on the internet.

You will have instant download access after your order is completed.

Note: This manual covers the construction, function and servicing procedure of the Kipor 
KM186FB diesel engine used in the Kipor KDE5000E and KDE5000TA generators. This manual is principally concerned with 
the engine specifications, service, overhaul and repair. There is a separate manual to 
cover generator service. 

This engine differs significantly from the KM186FA engine used in the KDE6700TA 
and KDE6500E generators which were imported into North America prior to April of 

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